Logolicious FAQ

General questions

How can I set the Logolicious app block to use the entire page width?

Within the theme editor you can optionally set your Logolicious app block to take up the entire width of the page. To do so, first locate the page section labeled "Apps" which contains your Logolicious app block. When you click on that, it will reveal a panel with an option labeled "Make section margins the same as theme." Unchecking that box will cause all apps within the section to use the full page width.

Logo slider / carousel

How can I increase the number of logos which are shown on the page at once?

Simply decrease the Maximum logo width and Space between logo columns values. This will allow more logos to fit onto the page.

How can I make it so that the mobile view of my web site displays two logos simultaneously?

As above, this is simply a matter of adjusting the Maximum logo width and Space between logo columns values. Try setting these fields to 145 and 40px, respectively. You may want to fine-tune the setting from there, but that should be a good starting point.

How can I set the slider to scroll continuously?

For continuous scrolling, set the Delay between transitions setting to a value of zero, and set the slider to advance by one logo with each transition. For the Speed of each transition setting, we suggest a value of 3000ms.

Logo grid

How can I control the number of logos which are shown on mobile / tablet / desktop?

Just adjust the settings for maximum logo width, maximum logo height, space between logo columns, and space between logo rows as you see fit. The app block is fully responsive and will automatically adjust the number of logos shown on each row to fit any device display resolution.

Need additional help?

If you have any questions about Logolicious, feature suggestions, etc. please get in touch with us at support@commercecomponents.io.